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  • Are you working during the corona-crisis?
     Yes, we will continue moving you, with the appropriate rules from the RIVM, of course. 
    Many of our employees work from home. And we ensure that there is always someone in the office to answer the phone.
  • What should I do or don't during the move in times of the the Corona crisis
    Make sure to have as few familymembers as possible in the house during the move.
    Please follow the same hygiene measures as we do. Make sure no one has a mild cold: nose cold, runny nose, sore throat, mild cough or increase to 38 degrees Celsius. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow, use paper tissues, do not shake hands and keep a distance of 1.5 meters (two arm lengths) between each other.
  • What measures are you taking during the corona crisis?
    We keep a distance of 1.5 meters between other people. We folow all the guidelines from RIVM . We keep our moving crew as small as possible by (where possible) spreading the move over several days.
  • How wil the taxation of my household take place during the corona crisis?
    You first make an appointment with us by phone. 
    At the agreed time, our employee will contact you and will explain how to make a secure video connection together. 
    When this connection has been established, you can show  all the spaces of your house with your phone or tablet. Our emplyee will look with you at your household and you can also ask all your questions about the move and its organization.
  • Are you also moving abroad during this corona crisis?


    We only move abroad if this is permitted in the other country.

    Due to the constantly changing situation worldwide because of the virus, we keep ourselves continuously informed about regulations internationally.

  • What should I do myself?


    We can take care of all moving tasks, including packing, unpacking, disassembling and assembling etc.

  • When will the moving materials be delivered and picked up?
    The moving materials will be supplied in consultation with you.  After the move, you can call us to arrange when to pick up the moving materials
  • What does an appraisal involve?

    After you application, an appraiser will visit you to assess the objects that need to be transported during the move.  He/she will check every room of your house to determine what needs to be done. On the basis of this, the scope and price of the move will be determined. Furthermore, you can always approach the appraiser with any questions you may have about your move. You are free to discuss what aspects of the move you would like to take care of yourself and which aspects you want us or, if desired, a handyman to take care of. An appraisal is always without obligations and free of charge.

  • How much time in advance should I make an appointment with the moving company?

    If you make an appointment with the appraiser 6 to 8 weeks before the move, then there should be enough time to prepare the move.  You can set the moving date at that time. If this date were to change, we will take this into account of course.

  • What should I do if my possessions are damaged during the move?

    The moment you notice any damage, we advise you to immediately contact our staff.  Once the move is complete, it is recommended to take a look around the house with a member of our staff. If you were to notice any damage at a later time, you can always contact our office.