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Every business strives for cost savings and efficiency. With EMFacilities you achieve both. We offer a wide range of facilitatory services. We’ll take support tasks off your hands, allowing you to work more efficiently and ultimately save costs. Read more: www.emfacilities.nl

At Dataspace we will happily assist you at all levels of archive management. We are always ready to aid you in your archive management, archive relocation or the digitization of your archive. Read more: www.data-space.nl.

Activities during the CORONA crisis (COVID-19)

In this time of the Corona-crisis, our services will continue as usual!

Of course, the health and safety of you and our employees is our top priority. We would like to assure you that we will take every precaution in our daily activities to prevent the transmission of coronavirus. We follow the advice and rules of the RIVM. We keep our moving crew as small as possible by dividing the move over several days (if possible). We also use more vehicles for the transport of our employees. We ask you to be with as few people as possible during the move and please handle the same hygiene measures as we do.

We can still do surveys but prefer to do a video-survey rather than a home survey. We will set up a live, secured, video connection with you which enables us to walk with you through the house, using the camera on your mobile phone or tablet. As you will be in touch with our surveyor directly you can ask him any questions you may have concerning your move. Feel free to contact us by phone to make an appointment.

If it concerns a business move, please contact our office for the possibilities.

Call us for an appointment or questions at 040-2818888. In case that our services change, we will notify you immediately.

Also take a look at our frequently asked questions section !!!!