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Moving your business

Moving of offices, workshops, institutes and laboratories requires a special approach. Customer needs are very important. Planning, organization and efficiency play a major role. 
For every project, a team of moving professionals and movers is established, which will supervise and execute your company relocation from start to finish. Thanks to our meticulous preparation - during which all needs, desires and possibilities are taken into account - you can save a lot of time (= money). 

We comply with the provisions of European Directives on public contracts (tenders) and provide a detailed roadmap for rigid planning, coordination and execution. We aim to provide you with a complete overview and insight by means of our optimal process management. 

Guaranteed quality, which is regularly assured through objective and independent review of the EPV organization.

With our moving service and unique approach, we have made a name for ourselves as specialists in many different industries. For example, in the past, we have successfully moved many banks, hospitals, universities, libraries and museums. We always use experienced and creative staff, who we can also second for the duration of a relocation project. 

Moving service Gebr. Van den Eijnden can also assist you on a facilitatorybasis. For example: project management, handyman services, (final) cleaning and storage and management of inventory and archives

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