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Cost savings and efficiency are the aim of every company. 
In collaboration with EMFACILITIES , we offer a wide range of facilitatory services. We’ll take support tasks off your hands, allowing you to work more efficiently and ultimately save costs.

We can take care of the following:


Relocations, renovations, reorganizations: large-scale projects that require a lot of work and organization. This while you already have enough to worry about. Our experienced project supervisors will maintain the overview for you and take a lot of work off your hands. They will be your permanent contact and will select and guide subcontractors and suppliers. You’ll have nothing to worry about, because the tasks will be well executed and in accordance with agreements and planning. 


As a certified commercial moving service, we have years of experience with large companies and government institutions. We are often involved in large relocations that require meticulous planning and careful execution. Nevertheless, we will also support you with smaller projects or relocations of small offices. Attention to detail and good coordination ensure that everything will run smoothly. Our employees are experienced professionals and have modern tools at their disposal. 


You can also contact us to create a layout of your company space. You will gain direct insight into which workstations are actively used and which workstations can be used as flex areas. This way you will avoid unnecessary vacancies and you’ll require less space. Less space means less maintenance and therefore less energy consumption. 


Moving computers and peripherals requires a lot more work than simply placing the computers in a different location. All cabling, connections and data columns will also have to be moved. Our ICT employees will ensure that your employees will be able to quickly get back to work and perform their work trouble-free. All this in cooperation with your own IT manager. 


Want to hang a painting, replace a light bulb or change the layout of your living room? Or in other words; jobs that are too time consuming. Our handyman is your solution. 
Our employee will collect and mount white boards, signs, clocks, paintings, lamps, rails and shelves on walls. He/she will also perform small maintenance jobs. Your office will look presentable and your employees can carefree continue with their work. This service - both available on a temporary basis or on a regular basis - is offered at attractive rates.


Our company offers you the possibility to benefit from our individual services, but you can just as easily have us take care of all your facilitatory matters. 
Our facilitatory employee is permanently available for all facilitatory tasks within your organization. The facilitatory employee acts quickly and securely, with a keen eye for detail and great reliability. This way you can save on personnel costs, because the various facilitatory tasks are not executed by multiple FTEs but rather by a single all-round employee.  This allows your organization to focus on its core business, without having to worry about operational facilitatory processes.