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Since 1898, we have a lot of experience with moving families and businesses to countries including Canada, Australia and Indonesia. Emigrating means loss of familiar surroundings, but also a new beginning with new possibilities.

The safe transport of your household contents to this new environment is especially crucial. You literally start over in new surroundings, far from home, and most likely want to create your own place as quickly as possible. Therefore, our scope - but also our service – has no boundaries. Thanks to a vast network of international moving companies, our moving expert can assist you all over the world. A contact person who protects your belongings until they arrive at their destination.

We will safely pack everything for you in special emigration packaging. Once arrived at the destination, we will also unpack everything for you. We will also take care of all other matters, such as customs clearance, insurance, transportation and shipping. Full ‘door-to-door’ service.

Gebr. Van den Eijnden is very familiar with moving within Europe. We can save you a lot of time, energy and stress.  Thanks to our European cooperation, we always have enough people around to assist you with unloading. Furthermore, thanks to our international quality standards, you can expect a uniform rapid and professional moving service.

Within Europe it is also possible to make use of our combination/bulk transportation services.

Over the years, we have moved many employees of multinational companies. We will also wish you a warm welcome and take care of your move when your return to the Netherlands.

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